‘It’s A Waste Of Time’: ‘Young Turks’ Hosts Vow To Never Work With ‘Leftists’ Again After Gender Ideology Flap


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“The Young Turks” hosts expressed frustration Tuesday over the left-wing backlash against their views on gender ideology, vowing to never work with “leftists” again.

Co-hosts Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur hit back against left-wingers who criticized them over Kasparian’s demand that she not be called a “birthing person” in lieu of a woman. In response to the backlash, the two said good-bye to multi-year subscribers of the show. (RELATED: ‘Young Turks’ Star Ana Kasparian Slams Liberals Using ‘Birthing Person’ To Describe A Woman)

“If you want to leave that’s okay,” Uygur told disgruntled subscribers. “All this kerfuffle starts with a simple tweet. And then, at least half-a-dozen videos from other progressives or leftists online all attacking us and calling us all sorts of names.”

Uyghur explained that when he responded to the online attacks, he was accused of “insulting” his critics. He then called out Lance from “The Serfs” YouTube show for bashing “The Young Turks” over their viewpoints.

“No Lance, you’re not goddamn correct. Nobody elected you. The polling show nobody agrees with you. Your 12 buddies online … I don’t care, okay,” Uygur said.

Kasparian expressed that she did not want to work with “leftists” on “The Young Turks” ever again. She claimed that they used the show’s platform to build a bigger audience and brand for themselves, and then bash the show for the sake of online social capital.

“I just don’t really care to collaborate with any other leftists ever again, at this point,” Kasparian said. “No, that’s where I’m at, because they come on this show and build a name for themselves, and then they build a bigger name for themselves trashing us as if they don’t know who we are.”

“It’s a waste of time. There’s important stuff going on in the country. Our personal drama with a bunch of leftists on Twitter doesn’t matter,” Kasparian added.