FBI Offers A Definition Of ‘Chad,’ Claims It Could Indicate Extremism

MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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The FBI claimed that terms like “chad,” “normie” and “based” could be indicators of extremism in a memo released as part of a FOIA request by the Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project.

The documents, which were released on April 9, have generated considerable buzz on social media for attempting to offer definitions of slang terms popular with the online right. (RELATED: ‘War By The Extreme Left’: Leo Terrell Goes Off On FBI Targeting Traditional Catholic Churches)

The memo defines “chad” as a “race-specific term used to describe idealized version of male, who is very successful at gaining sexual and romantic attention from women,” adding that “Incels unsuccessfully compete against Chads for attention.”

The memo also defines “looksmaxxing” as “the process of self-improvement with the intent to become more attractive.”

A Stacy is an “idealized version of a female, who is very successful at gaining sexual attention and romantic attention from men. Chooses Chad over incels,” per the memo.

The memo links the use of these words and others with violent extremism, assessing that individuals who use them might “commit violence in support of their beliefs that society unjustly denies them sexual or romantic attention, to which they believe they are entitled.”

The memo lists terms like “red pill,” “normie” and “based” as other potential indicators of extremism.