HBO Drops ‘The Penguin’ Trailer And It’s So Good You Won’t Be Able To Look Away


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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HBO dropped the in-production teaser trailer Wednesday for “The Penguin” and it’s so good you won’t be able to look away.

We were first introduced to Academy Award nominee Colin Farrell’s Penguin in “The Batman,” a movie that appears to be launching a significant franchise saga in conjunction with HBO. Farrell’s Penguin was so outrageously terrifying, funny, intelligently developed and hauntingly portrayed that there was no way HBO could miss such a huge opportunity to give him his own show.

The teaser trailer is just enough to whet the appetite of viewers. Unlike a full trailer, the teaser is more of an announcement that “The Penguin” is in production. But according to the description from HBO, we won’t be seeing the full series until at least 2024.

The show will run for eight episodes and appears to follow on from where “The Batman” left off, according to Variety. At the conclusion of the movie, Paul Dano’s “Riddler” leaves Gotham City in almost full destruction and with a gaping power vacuum. (RELATED: Stars In Talks To Join ‘Gladiator’ Sequel)

The series was written by Matt Reeves, who also scripted “The Batman.” While the film was pretty good (Farrell being the strongest actor next to Dano), either Reeves or actress Zoe Kravitz absolutely butchered the role of Catwoman.

Watch the teaser here: