You’ll Never Be Able To Celebrate A Birthday Again Without Thinking Of This Hilarious Video With Ryan Reynolds


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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March 14 is “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” star Rob McElhenney’s birthday, so his best friend, Ryan Reynolds, released a song for him on YouTube … and it’s hilarious.

“Happy Birthday, Rob McElhenney,” Reynolds titled the video for his bestie, with whom he shares at least one Welsh football (soccer) team and probably a lot of lovely memories. Accompanied by lyrics for anyone who wants to join in with their own karaoke version, this thing has to be watched to be truly appreciated:

“A birthday card might’ve been easier. Happy birthday, [Rob McElhenney]. Would be a real shame if this became a Wrexham AFC Racecourse chant,” Reynolds wrote in the description for the video.

The birthday song centers on how damn difficult it is to pronounce McElhenney’s last name correctly, making it a two-for-one gift. Not only does McElhenney have the song, but Reynolds may have actually solved the problem with no one being able to pronounce his bestie’s name.

Reynolds is joined throughout the song by a series of guests, including McElhenney’s wife Kaitlin Olson and his other co-stars from “It’s Always Sunny.” They’re all completely out-sung by a slew of absolutely slaughtered Welsh folks (who are, by definition, the best singers in the world; don’t believe me? Go fight Tom Jones and Charlotte Church, then init, saes scum).

As a Welsh-born writer, even I have to admit that this is the first time I have ever heard his name pronounced out loud. With a surname like “Smythe,” I appreciate how fundamentally abusive it is to hear anyone in the land of sheep and daffodils try to get it right, especially considering how drunk most of us are all the time. (RELATED: Man Claims He Didn’t Realize He Was Stabbed By Welsh Football Hooligans)

Clips throughout the video show celebrities, reporters and even a politician completely butchering McElhenney’s name. These are set side-by-side with videos of McElhenney himself, creating the cutest, funniest, sweetest birthday gift ever. I can’t wait to see how McElhenney gets Reynolds back for this one!