Fans Slam Frank Ocean For Allegedly Flopping At Coachella

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Fans slammed famous artist Frank Ocean for allegedly bombing his headlining performance at Coachella on Sunday.

This was the artist’s first public performance in six years, and fans were geared up to be entertained. Concert-goers reportedly indicated that he failed to pull his show together, according to TMZ. Fans complained that Ocean arrived a full hour late for his own set and claimed that he was barely visible while on-stage. The star reportedly appeared to be lethargic and barely even mouthed the words to his own songs, according to TMZ.

Ocean’s disappointments began when he failed to take the stage until 11 p.m. Fans immediately took to social media to complain that they couldn’t see him on the poorly lit stage, and due to the low-hanging light fixtures that blocked him from view. Fans were forced to view his performance on the screens instead of the stage, according to TMZ.

Ocean’s performance was reportedly low-energy and he barely moved on the stage. He reportedly seemed unable to sing at times, and it became obvious when his pre-recorded vocals played over the system without the star even making the slightest effort to lip sync the words, the outlet noted. (RELATED: Famous Rapper Calls Madonna ‘Pathetic,’ Says She Is ‘Using Rap Music For Clout’)

The star failed to perform some of his biggest hits, and neglected fan favorites such as “Thinkin Bout You,” yet he filled his set list with far less popular songs that the crowd wasn’t as interested in, according to TMZ. The show was reportedly full of awkward moments and pockets of silence, which annoyed the crowd.

Ocean ended his show abruptly by notifying fans that he had to shut down due to curfew.