‘Don’t Insult My Intelligence’: Mother Of Murdered Army Sgt. Spars With Democratic Rep In Crime Hearing

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The mother of an army veteran killed in New York City sparred with Democratic New York Rep. Dan Goldman after he called the congressional hearing on New York City crime a “charade.”

Madeline Brame testified Monday before the House Judiciary Committee’s field hearing in Manhattan on rising crime. Brame’s son, Army Sgt. Hason Correa was murdered in 2018 in a stabbing incident, the New York Post reported. Prosecutors spent four years working on the case but District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office was unable to prove that Mary Saunders, one of the alleged attackers, had knowingly assisted in the murder.

Brame ripped the soft-on-crime approach before Goldman chimed in.

“Your experiences are devastating,” Goldman said. “But the problem is, is that this is a charade to cover up for an abuse of power, that they are going around talking incessantly outside of this hearing about Donald Trump. And the purpose of this hearing is to cover up for what they know to be an inappropriate investigation. Now, I look forward, many of you–”

“Can I respond to it, please?” Brame is heard saying.

“Not right now because I only have 20 seconds. I’m sorry but I do want to–” Goldman said.

“Don’t insult my intelligence,” Brame said. (RELATED: Rep. Jerry Nadler Gets Interrupted Mid-Speech As Room Bursts Into Laughter)

“Hang on, hang on,” Chairman Jim Jordan chimed in. “The gentleman’s time–”

“I’m not insulting your intelligence,” Goldman said.

“You’re trying to insult me like I’m not aware of what’s going on here. I’m fully aware of what’s going on here. That’s why I walked away from the plantation of the Democratic Party,” Brame said to a few applauses.

Jordan convened the committee to focus on crime across cities in the United States. Jordan is alleging that Bragg is more focused on prosecuting former President Donald Trump while ignoring rising crime in his jurisdiction.