Brawl Breaks Out In California Toyota Dealership Between Managers

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Foolish, just so foolish.

A video has been circulating online of a brawl breaking out in a Toyota dealership located in Milpitas, California, with the fight happening between the sales manager and general sales manager of the business.

Not much is known about the circumstances of the fight, but with how many people were involved, a Royal Rumble could have broken out, but it luckily never got to that point. Instead, everybody in the clip (who we can only assume is other staff) tried to break up the scuffle between the two managers, which they eventually succeeded in. However, the damage is already done, with the video slapping a wave of embarrassment on their brand.

Just look at these two idiots:

I swear people have lost their minds.

When you go online or scroll through social media, you consistently come across fight videos. If you pay attention to my content on a consistent basis, you’re aware of how many brawling clips that I do, which is a solid amount, and it’s because there’s so much of it. It’s crazy.

With this particular fight, you have to wonder what was going through the minds of each manager, and by the way, how did these people even get in their position? (RELATED: Outright Insanity: Russell Westbrook Walks Right Into Phoenix Suns Fan Lounge To Confront Heckler)

I’ve never understood that, how people can land themselves a solid gig with a little bit of power, and then respond in such foolish ways — like getting into fights … fights that can also get you fired and land you in jail.

What a couple of dummies.