Underwear With ‘Leave My Genitals Alone’ Written On Them Reportedly Thrown At Florida Republicans


Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Transgender activists reportedly threw underwear with “not your business,” and “leave my genitals alone,” written on them at Florida Republicans at the state capitol Tuesday, according to video of the incident posted on social media.

Republican lawmakers advanced a bill in the legislature Tuesday barring doctors from providing sex change surgeries, cross-sex hormones, or puberty blockers to minors. The Senate passed a version of the bill in April. The measure would also prohibit the use of public medicare funds for the procedures. (RELATED: Child Transitioned At The Age Of 6 Due To Being ‘Depressed And Withdrawn,’ Mom Says)

Video shows protesters standing up in the galleries of the legislature and raining down underwear before being removed from the gallery. One piece of underwear reportedly landed on bill sponsor Rep. Rachel Plakon’s head.

One Republican member posted a picture of the underwear on his desk, showing a message that read “FASCISM HAS NO PLACE IN FLORIDA STOP TRANS GENOCIDE.”

“Today the radical trans-activists showered legislators with underwear. They were removed from the gallery and I believe some were arrested,” Florida House member Spencer Roach tweeted.

Other pieces of underwear reportedly read “not your business,” and “leave my genitals alone.”

The Florida Board of Medicine ruled in February that puberty blockers and hormone therapy would be banned for minors.

“This board is not against research; it is not against care for transgender children,” Dr. Hector Vila, a member of the board, said. “What the board has sought to do is to protect our children from therapies that have been shown to create irreversible harm.”

A growing body of evidence calls into question the theory that puberty blockers are a reversible and harmless way to treat gender dysphoria in minors. A New York Times article detailed how the drug can cause patients to suffer lifelong issues with bone density that would normally develop during puberty. Hormone therapy also causes a high risk of blood clots in biological males, according to a study.