Biden Nominee Appears Flustered When GOP Senator Confronts Her Over Activist Past

[Screenshot C-Span]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Indiana Sen. Mike Braun confronted President Joe Biden’s labor secretary nominee during a hearing on Thursday over her activist past.

Biden nominated Julie Su, who joined the administration in 2021 as the deputy secretary of labor.

Braun questioned Su’s character and past actions.

“Character is important and I want you to respond to it,” Braun said. (RELATED: Biden Labor Nominee Failed To Enforce Law Combatting Pedophilia In Hollywood)

“In 1989, you took part in the seizure of the president of Stamford’s University’s office in a protest known as a Takeover ’89,” Braun said, citing the then-president of the university who called the protest “unlawful.”

“Three years after the Takeover ’89 at Stanford, you were a key participant of the Griswold 9, a group of radicals that seized and occupied a Harvard dean’s office. In 1995 you told the LA Times, ‘well, I was arrested, but you know, well, in the end, all the charges were dropped.’ Please comment on that, that’s on your record, it’s in the archives at the Stamford library. How can that possibly be something that would make us feel confident about you filling this spot.”

Su first addressed one of Braun’s earlier points before switching gears to her activist past after Braun suggested she answer before she got gaveled out.

“Okay, so, we’re talking about 19- what happened in 1989- so, okay, senator, let me just say this, I don’t know if this is responsive and I know you can stop me if it’s not, I have an anecdote to share with you about this,” Su said, smirking. Su tried to defend her actions, saying she is “willing to sit at the table” with anyone and discuss things and said the Harvard law dean said at graduation that he was happy to see Su in his office to discuss the issues that she had protested.

“The past is indicative of the future, so thank you,” Braun said before his time was up.