Legendary Rockstar Loses It Over Biden And Offers Solutions On How To Save The USA In Epic Interview


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Legendary rockstar Ted Nugent joined the Joe Pags Shows on Wednesday for an absolutely epic interview on what’s wrong with America and how to fix it.

The interview started off how it ultimately went forward, with Nugent as the most infectious form of patriotic energy, bolstered only by Pags’ own loyalty to this nation. When asked how he was doing, Nugent replied, “celebrate, cockblocked, and ready to rock the glock around the clock Dr. Spock, it’s Uncle Ted reporting for duty!”

The good friends then dived into a deep discussion of how so-called progressive leftist artists, like Michael Moore, Bruce Springsteen, and Steve Van Zandt are actually part of the elite class, it quickly turned to the psychology of America’s current crises (cultivated by progressive policies).

“Don’t try to find logic and don’t ask the question ‘why,’ because you’ll have an aneurysm because from the left there’s no sense, there’s no reason, there’s no logic. They have no evidence to support their insanity,” Nugent noted, before moving onto examples of the crises facing all Americans.

Nugent pointed a sharp finger at the chemical warfare occurring on our southern border with Mexico. “The border is open by the United States government to facilitate and actually welcome the chemical warfare by the communist Chinese fentanyl gang, as brought about by the Mexican drug cartel to kill hundreds of millions of Americans by the pharmaceutical industry,” Nugent explained, noting that all of this is welcomed by our current administration, and because conservatives are not engaging heavily enough with the political processes of the nation.

He was quick to note that it’s only in “blue smudges” across America and where crime is skyrocketing, and how abuses of power by both parties have allowed them to not mitigate the rise in all forms of heinous crimes.

“We want peace, security, goodwill and decency, and here’s the radical thing: good over evil,” Nugent explained, clearly speaking from the heart.

Pags appeared hopeful that, as a result of these crises, stronger politicians will be voted into power to reinstate those core values into the nation. He asked Nugent how else this could be achieved. After detailing the level of inaction by We The People, Nugent turned to the source and solution to the problem.

“This freak, this horrible, horrible crime family running our country, is the most embarrassing time in the history of not just America, but mankind. Because we expect that from Venezuela, Cuba, and Russia …” Nugent explained, “The answer is to identify the abandonment of constitutional oaths by our elected employees, put the pressure on them.” (RELATED: You Won’t Believe The Inside Baseball This Country Music Icon Has On The Bud Light Catastrophe)

He cited examples at all level of governance, including state and local elected officials, school board members, and law enforcement, saying that Americans should be in touch with all of these individuals. These people are technically the employees of the people who vote for them, and therefore should be held accountable.

You can watch the rest of the interview here (WARNING: it’ll get you more amped up than your morning coffee):