Arizona Cardinals Release First New Uniforms Since 2005

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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The Arizona Cardinals have released photos of their new 2023 uniforms — the first update they’ve received in 18 years.

The Cardinals’ new uniforms feature an all-red home jersey, an all-white away jersey, and an all-black alternative jersey. This is the first time the primary jersey for the Arizona-based football team has been altered since 2005.

Players of the Redbirds posed to feature the new uniforms which are set to appear in this upcoming NFL season.

For the first time in the Cardinal’s history, the state the team is located in will be represented across the chest of the home jersey, according to The main helmet will remain the same color — white. Other changes include “Protect The Nest” embroidered on the inside collar of the home jersey, and “Bird Gang” stitched on the inside collar of the away and alternate jerseys. (RELATED: NFL Suspends Several Players For Violating League’s Gambling Policy)

The alternate jersey’s helmet is black, and the white home and away helmets now feature a silver facemask, as well as an enlarged Cardinals logo on the side.

“The three main things we focused on were, how do we tell the traditional story and amplify some elements from the past, how do we bring it through the lens of modern-classic so it feels fresh, unique, and different for the franchise, and also how are we inclusive of all the fans in Arizona and the players as well, to get people really excited for what is coming with this uniform?” Nike’s Design Director Kristi Lauzonis said on the team’s website.

There is an apparent similarity between these jerseys and Ohio State’s, according to CBS Sports.