Man Receives Life Sentence Over DWI


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A Texas man received a life sentence Tuesday after pleading guilty to his ninth driving while intoxicated charge.

Christopher Faran Stanford, 50, pleaded guilty to felony driving while intoxicated on Monday , and asked to have a Parker County jury decide his fate, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Stanford was booked on the current offense in August 2022, according to jail records.

Law enforcement and firefighters responded to the scene of an intersection crash, where they found Stanford had run a red light in his Lincoln MKC and rear-ended a Kia Sorento, the outlet continued. Following the crash, the driver of the Kia said that Stanford fled the scene.

He’s alleged to have told the driver, “I have to go. I’m going to get in trouble.” He then jumped over a barbed-wire fence, ripping his clothing.

“Since Mr. Stanford had four previous prison sentences for felony DWI offenses, he was treated as a habitual offender,” Parker County District Attorney Jeff Swain said of the arrest, the outlet noted. “His record showed that he was going to continue endangering communities throughout the Metroplex unless he was locked up. This was his first DWI in Parker County, but he had other convictions in Tarrant, Dallas, Rockwall, and Johnson Counties, so he has been a menace on the roadways throughout the DFW area.”

Stanford was found hiding in a bush 30 minutes after fleeing the scene, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram continued. “The video that we admitted into evidence showed Mr. Stanford being belligerent and having difficulty standing without help,” Assistant District Attorney Abby Placke continued. “At one point, he even tried to headbutt the Lifecare EMT that was trying to treat him. He was so drunk and obnoxious that the officers were unable to administer the field sobriety tests they normally perform. But it was clear that he was drunk, so he was arrested.” (RELATED: ‘The Office’ Actor Charged With DUI, Hit-And-Run)

A blood sample taken following the crash and subsequent manhunt revealed Stanford has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.267. The legal limit in Texas in 0.08. Stanford will be eligible for parole when the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles decides, Fox News noted.