Detransitioner Says Gender Clinic Prescribed Her 200 MG Of Testosterone After One-Hour Appointment

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Detransitioner Laura Becker testified that her unnamed psychiatrist deemed her stable enough to have her breasts removed at 20 years old, and that a gender clinic prescribed her 200 milligrams of testosterone weekly as she underwent her gender transition.

“At 19 I went to a gender clinic and told them I was suicidal, and they prescribed me 200 milligrams of testosterone for free in a one-hour appointment. I injected 200 milligrams every week as a 5-foot-2 female with already elevated testosterone and hormonal imbalances,” Becker said, footage of her Thursday testimony at the Texas State Capitol shows.

“My mental health severely degenerated and I entered an impulsive and reckless state of consciousness,” Becker continued. “My undiagnosed childhood trauma was triggered and I felt desperate to transition. I went to several different therapists who told me that I was valid in my trans identity. My psychiatrist diagnosed me with gender dysphoria in one appointment despite being suicidal, autistic, exhibiting symptoms of trauma and being only 20 years old, she said that according to the WPATH standards of care I was stable enough to consent to having my breasts removed.”

The psychiatrist allegedly cited the World Professional Association of Transgender Health’s (WPATH) standards of care regarding gender dysphoria. WPATH recently did away with its minimum age recommendations on guidance for sex changes. The organization also recognizes “eunuch” as a gender identity, recommending orchiectomy (testicle removal) as one treatment option. (RELATED: ACLU Sues Tennessee Over Law Banning Sex Changes For Minors)

“I removed my breasts entirely and I thought it would relieve at least some of my complexes and stress, but it only escalated, and at 22 I was finally diagnosed with PTSD. I started to awaken and realize that I had been in a survival state for all this time and the desire to transition was due to childhood trauma, and the illusionary magical thinking of the gender transition fantasy that I had developed to help survive had hurt me in the long run,” she said.

“I detransitioned at 22 and have since been deprogramming and going through paradigm shifts of existential life, death and rebirth,” Becker concluded.

The Texas Senate is currently considering Senate Bill 14, which would ban physicians from providing cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to Texas kids with gender dysphoria. The bill also removes public funds from healthcare facilities that provide sex change treatments.