Wyoming Parents Suing School For Allegedly Transitioning Daughter Behind Their Backs

REUTERS/Rebecca Noble

Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Parents from Rock Springs, Wyoming are suing the The Sweetwater County School District for allegedly transitioning their daughter to a boy behind their backs.

The lawsuit, first reported by Cowboy State Daily, is brought by parents Sean and Ashley Willey against the school district, district superintendent, assistant superintendent for the district, assistant superintendent for the district, and principal of Black Butte High School. (RELATED: Detransitioner Says Gender Clinic Prescribed Her 200 MG Of Testosterone After One-Hour Appointment)

The lawsuit alleges that administrators at the district called their daughter by male pronouns and a male name. The parents say the girl suffered from attention-deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Affirming a discordant gender identity is antithetical to her health and well-being,” the complaint says, according to the outlet.

“(Staffers are) deceiving parents by treating and referring to children one way when communicating with parents and another way at school,” the complaint continues.

The girl had told a private counselor selected by the parents to deal with the child’s trauma that she thought she was trans, according to the outlet. The family and the counselor began working through the feelings with the daughter.

According to the lawsuit, Ashley Willey had chatted with teachers at a district wide training and one teacher seemed not to know of her daughter. When Ashely showed the teacher a picture of her, the teacher said “it goes by (male name).”

The suit alleges that the girl felt pressured to continue using a male name, thinking school officials would be angry if she didn’t follow “their direction.”

During an April 2022 meeting, female pronouns were used for the girl, but only because the daughter had requested it. The school officials were allegedly instructed to use the male pronouns “to protect the child’s safety.”