New York Knicks’ Josh Hart Loses 3-Point Contest To JJ Redick’s 8-Year-Old Son

Public/Screenshot/Twitter — @OldManAndThree

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Shoutout to Knox!

Josh Hart is a 28-year-old NBA star who suits up for the prestigious New York Knicks, and this season, he hit 37.2% of his three-point shots. Knox Redick is the eight-year-old son of JJ Redick, former Duke basketball legend and NBA three-point star.

Well, JJ took to “The Old Man and the Three” Twitter account Sunday evening, and shared how Knox challenged him to a three-point contest a few weeks back. Both took two shots from five spots around the line — and Knox beat the NBA star.

Yeah, Knox was able to shoot his threes from a closer distance to the bucket, but it was still the same three-point line his dad shot in his college days. Hart was forced to shoot from NBA range, except from the corners. But still, the eight-year-old was solid from what was still a lengthy distance, going 4-for-10 and making one more shot than Hart.

I think it’s safe to say Knox Redick will be in the NBA one day, following in his daddy’s footsteps.

That’s a pretty easy assumption to make considering the great DNA Knox surely has — and on top of that, he’s already schooling NBA players on the court. It’s impressive.

Nowadays, I’m a Miami Hurricanes fan because of my allegiance to the 305, but growing up, I was a huge Duke fan because of the ACC roots being from Virginia and living so close to Durham, North Carolina. JJ Redick happened to be my favorite star out of all of them. So, this whole story is pretty cool for me to see. (RELATED: Jimmy Butler Makes History While Having Miami Heat On Brink Of Whopping Upset Over Milwaukee Bucks)

And quite frankly, I look forward to seeing Knox play one day, because you know he will.