Former Clinton Labor Secretary Says States ‘Must Refuse To Place’ Trump’s Name On 2024 Ballot

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Former Labor Secretary for Bill Clinton Robert Reich said states should refuse to place Trump’s name on the 2024 presidential ballot due to his alleged “treason.”

Reich made the comments in an op-ed published Monday in The Guardian. Reich argues that Trump is guilty of treason under the 14th amendment because of his claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him. The 14th amendment prohibits anyone guilty of insurrection against the United States from serving in public office. (RELATED: Trump Says He Was A Better President Than Abraham Lincoln Or George Washington)

“Secretaries of state – who in most cases are in charge of deciding who gets on the ballot – must refuse to place Donald Trump’s name on the 2024 ballot, based on the clear meaning of section three of the 14th amendment to the US constitution,” Reich wrote.

Reich outlined a doomsday scenario in which Biden wins the election in 2024, but Trump gets a coalition of Republican state legislators to object to Biden’s slate of electors.

“Trump tried these tactics once. The likelihood of him trying again is greater now because his loyalists are now in much stronger positions throughout state and federal government.”

House Democrats introduced legislation in December with would bar Trump from running for a second term, claiming that Trump, “very clearly engaged in an insurrection on January 6, 2021.”

“The 14th Amendment makes clear that based on his past behavior, Donald Trump is disqualified from ever holding federal office again and, under Section 5, Congress has the power to pass legislation to implement this prohibition.”

In January 2022, Reich came under fire for saying that Democrats should slap Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema for voting against ending the filibuster.