Trans Woman Who Ran NYC Marathon As Man Soars Past 14,000 Women In London Marathon After Competing In Female Category

Photo by Hollie Adams/Getty Images

James Lynch Contributor
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A biological male identifying as a transgender woman topped nearly 14,000 women in the London Marathon months after competing in the New York City Marathon against men.

Glenique Frank, born Glen Frank, finished in 6160th place out of 20123 women competing Sunday at the London Marathon. Frank spoke to a BBC reporter covering the London Marathon about the experience with the London race and other marathon races around the world. (RELATED: Injured Volleyball Player Takes Stand Against Transgender Athletes On Women’s Teams After Suffering Concussion)

“London is the best!,” Frank said, comparing it to New York and Tokyo. “Girl power,” the runner said to the BBC journalist while flexing. “So I’m going to be a granny, Granny G!,” Frank said before running off and continuing the race. The runner was draped in a transgender flag and wore rainbow armbands in the pattern of the LGBT flag.

The London race is the runner’s 17th marathon and one of the “six majors” Frank is competing in. Frank ran as a man in the New York City Marathon in November, finishing in 14,096th place out of 26,539 men. Social media shows photos of Frank running marathons as a balding man.

Two-time British olympian Mara Yamauchi criticized Frank for competing against women despite being a biological male. “This male ran in yesterday’s #LondonMarathon as Glenique Frank in the female category (Mass race) finishing in 6160th place out of 20123. So nearly 14,000 actual females suffered a worse finish position bc of him,” she tweeted. 

Yamauci pointed out how UK Athletics excluded biological males from elite female competition in March, but Frank was still able to compete because Frank had already entered races as a woman.