Detransitioner Says She Was Menopausal At 19 Due To Testosterone Injections

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Detransitioner Estella Suarez-Hamilton shared a video Tuesday on Twitter, saying she started going through menopause at 19 years old due to the testosterone injections she received.

Suarez-Hamilton, now 27, first shared a clip of herself taken one week before she met with an endocrinologist. Suarez-Hamilton says she was 19 when she first started testosterone injections.

“Some updates on myself before I get into this: Next week I actually have my consult with my doctor to get my blood work done and to talk to my endocrinologist and finally get the ball rolling on starting T,” a young Suarez-Hamilton says in the video. “Hopefully, the next time you see me, or the next two times you see me, I will be starting T.”

“I can speak for myself with some of the effects that testosterone has had on my body: It’s menopause, it’s going through menopause at 19, and when your body’s not ready for that, and … the incontinence, not being able to hold your bladder, not being able to sleep because of heat flashes that are painful. You know, it’s ridiculous thinking that a teenager should go through that,” Suarez-Hamilton says in a clip taken seven years later. (RELATED: Detransitioner Says Gender Clinic Prescribed Her 200 MG Of Testosterone After One-Hour Appointment)

“I miss my sweet little naive voice,” Suarez-Hamilton wrote in the Twitter post.

Chloe Cole, a woman who previously identified as transgender, is suing Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, the Permanente Medical Group and several doctors for transitioning her as a child. Doctors gave Cole puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy between the ages of 13 and 17, according to the complaint.

Doctors and media professionals continue to downplay the risk of regretting a sex change later in life.