Trans Person Reportedly Exposed His Junk To High School Girls

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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An 18-year-old biological male student, who also identifies as transgender, entered the girl’s locker room and began showering naked with four 14-year-old girls, according to a conservative legal organization.

The girls were reportedly showering in their bathing suits — which is common practice in high school — when a transgender student fully undressed and entered the shower next to them exposing his male genitalia to all four freshmen girls.

The school reportedly did nothing about this incident. It didn’t contact a Title IX officer nor were the girl’s families informed about the incident. The school district is claiming that this account isn’t the whole truth while failing to provide any additional information.

If you talk to any transgender or gender dysphoria expert — real experts not the affirm-everyone quacks — they will tell you that exposing male genitalia in women’s spaces is not something that a genuinely gender-dysphoric individual would do.

Gender dysphoric people’s primary objective at all times is to cover up the aspects of themselves that make them appear as their biological sex. If you’re a gender dysphoric person who is biologically male, you do not expose yourself to young girls. In fact, you do everything in your power to not expose yourself to these girls.

The problem is that perverts are taking advantage of young women in the name of transgenderism and transgender activists are too cowardly to stand up against this.

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