You Can Literally Get Away With Murder In Chicago

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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Two teenage boys in Chicago are facing only misdemeanor charges after they allegedly stole a car and crashed it into another vehicle, killing a six-month-old baby, according to the New York Post.

The 14- and 17-year-old boys face virtually no punishment for killing the baby and putting two girls, aged seven and 15, in the hospital along with their 34-year-old mother.

This is the most disgusting example of social justice gone wrong. We’re talking about the murder of a six-month-old being brushed off, even though two kids stole a car and recklessly drove it into an innocent family. That just doesn’t matter?

These kids will never learn that there are consequences to their actions when they actually — not metaphorically — get away with murder. (RELATED: Trans Person Reportedly Exposed His Junk To High School Girls)

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