‘Retard Strength’: Steven Crowder Draws Backlash For Mocking Down Syndrome Barbie

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Conservative commentator Steven Crowder drew backlash Thursday after mocking the newly released Down syndrome Barbie.

Toy company Mattel debuted its first-ever Down Syndrome Barbie on Tuesday to give children an “opportunity to play with more inclusive dolls,” according to an Inside Edition report.

Crowder mocked the Inside Edition video on his show, “Louder With Crowder.”

“This doll is breaking barriers—” Barbie Senior Vice President and Head of Design Kim Culmone said in the video, at which point Crowder interjected, “Yeah! With retard strength!”

“On no, oh no,” a co-host said when the video showed a model with Down syndrome holding the doll.

Crowder then joked that Mattel would soon introduce a Barbie with sickle cell anemia, a disease primarily associated with African Americans. The “Louder With Crowder” host then displayed a graphic of a black-skinned doll standing outside a Planned Parenthood clinic surrounded by babies of various skin tones.

Social media users, including fellow conservatives, criticized Crowder for mocking the doll. Arc Digital editor-in-chief Berny Belvedere called Crowder a “ghoul” in a tweet denouncing the comments.

“Steven Crowder, whose most passionate belief is that a woman should never be able to free herself from the indignity of being married to him, is laughing hysterically at the very thought of people with Down syndrome. Absolute ghoul,” he wrote, referencing Crowder’s recent revelation that his wife filed for divorce in 2021.

“I find it very revealing when someone makes those with Down syndrome the butt of their jokes,” Daily Signal senior reporter and former Daily Caller News Foundation social issues reporter Mary Margaret Olohan tweeted Thursday.

“I keep watching this video and somehow the skit just keeps getting worse, somehow, even when you think it can’t. This is heinous, and how anyone allowed this segment to see the light of day is beyond me — and beyond reason,” Fox News editor Emily Zanotti posted.

The Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh said the dolls are “pro-life” rather than “woke.” (RELATED: ‘My Deepest Personal Failure’: Steven Crowder Announces He’s In Process Of Divorcing His Wife) 

“I know some conservatives are calling this “woke” but I don’t see it that way. It’s pro-life,” Walsh tweeted. “The Left is exterminating Down syndrome children. They are the victims of an actual eugenics campaign. This is one case where ‘inclusion and representation’ actually is important. Obviously Mattel didn’t intend for this to be pro-life, but we should embrace it that way. Take a cultural win even if it wasn’t supposed to be a cultural win for us.”

Mattel worked closely with the National Down Syndrome Society to create the doll, which has a shorter frame and longer torso to resemble a girl with Down syndrome. The doll also features a necklace with three upward chevrons to represent the three copies of the 21st chromosome, the genetic abnormality that causes Down syndrome.