Charlamagne Tha God Calls DNC ‘Wack’ For Not Allowing Biden Primary Challengers

[Screenshot/YouTube/Brilliant Idiots]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Radio host Charlamagne Tha God called the Democratic National Convention (DNC) “wack” for not holding primary debates between President Joe Biden and his challengers in 2024.

Charlamagne and comedian Andrew Schulz watched Biden’s official presidential campaign ad on a Thursday edition of the Brilliant Idiots podcast. Biden currently has two primary challengers, former environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and self-help author Marianne Williamson, but the DNC has no plans to hold primary debates.

“Democrats are goofies, bro. Look how goofy you all are,” Schulz said. “Y’all really judge Trump and people who like Trump when you’ve got this motherfucker running again? Aren’t you embarrassed to be a Democrat?”

“I’m not a Democrat,” Charlamagne said.

“Yeah, boy,” Schulz responded.

Charlamagne then criticized the DNC for not allowing a primary even though most Democrats do not want the president to run for re-election.  (RELATED: Charlamagne Tha God: Biden ‘Suffers From Old White Male Entitlement’)

“That’s why it’s whacked that the DNC won’t let nobody primary. They won’t do no primaries next year, man,” Charlamagne said. “Do a fucking primary debate! Put Joe Biden up on that stage with Bobby Kennedy, who’s challenging him. And Marianne Williamson and whoever steps up to the plate. And let’s have a fucking discussion, yo!”

A slew of polls have found that a majority of Democratic voters prefer a different candidate in 2024, citing age and economy as their top reasoning. An Associated Press/NORC poll found that 73 percent of voters do not want Biden to run again, including 52 percent of Democrats, while a recent NBC News poll found that 51 percent of Democrats do not want Biden to seek a second term.

The Real Clear Politics average currently shows Biden with 66 percent support in the primary, followed by Kennedy at 20 percent and Williamson at 8.5 percent.