Tragedy Strikes The Family Of Dog The Bounty Hunter

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s daughter, Bonnie Chapman, lost almost everything she owns in a house fire, including her beloved pets, she says in a video shared by TMZ.

Bonnie, the daughter of the late Beth Chapman, said she and her boyfriend Ismael were working Tuesday when someone called to say her rental house in Fishersville, Virginia, was engulfed in flames, TMZ reported Thursday. The tragedy claimed the lives of Bonnie’s pets, including three cats, a dog, a gecko and a snake.

Bonnie recorded an emotional video describing the chain of events surrounding the fire. She recalled rushing to the scene in denial, thinking the phone call must have been a mistake, but later discovering it was indeed her home that had gone up in flames. She said the bodies of all her animals were recovered “without injury,” but that they had all succumbed to smoke inhalation.

She said she plans to honor the memory of her animals by obtaining cremation rings or commissioning portraits of them, and she was tearful while recalling the happy memories she made with her pets. (RELATED: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Caterina Scorsone Shares Photos Of House Fire She Narrowly Escaped)

Bonnie was able to salvage some of her belongings, namely one very special piece of memorabilia that she holds dear to her heart.

“I was able to salvage my ashes that I have of my mother,” Bonnie said through tears in the video shared by TMZ.

The fire department believes the fire resulted from an electrical failure, according to the outlet.