Katy Perry Loses Trademark Battle Against Australian Woman With The Same Name

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous singer Katy Perry lost a trademark battle with an Australian fashion designer named Katie Perry.

A judge ruled Friday that clothing sold during Katy’s 2014 Australian tour did in fact breach designer Katie’s trademark. “This is a tale of two women, two teenage dreams and one name,” Justice Brigitte Markovic wrote in her ruling, according to the BBC. Markovic said the singer, born Katheryn Hudson, used the Katy Perry name in “good faith” and doesn’t owe personal compensation to the designer. However, her company, Kitty Purry will be ordered to pay damages, which will be decided upon in May, according to the BBC.

The designer created and sold clothing under her brand’s name in 2007 and registered it as a trademark in Australia in 2008, according to the BBC.

The singer rose to fame in 2008 and was deemed to have infringed on the trademark when she promoted clothing on social media.

The unique case has been referred to as a “David and Goliath” case.

The designer spoke out about the matter in a statement on her company website.

“Earlier today the Federal Court of Australia published its decision in which I won the biggest battle of my business career, the “David and Goliath case” — my legal action against the singer, Katy Perry, and her companies, for infringing my Katie Perry trade mark in Australia – which I’ve held since 29th September 2008,” she wrote.

“I resisted an attack on me and the trade mark,” she said.

The designer detailed her experience and the ongoing legal battle that she endured for several years.

“When this all started back in 2009, I had been designing and manufacturing clothes in Australia under the name I was born with, Katie Perry, which I applied to register as a trade mark for my business – a logical next step,” she said.

“I had no knowledge of the singer at the time.”

“Imagine my surprise when one of the reactions I received was a letter from lawyers representing the US singer, Katy Perry,” the designer wrote to her website.

“They stated that I should immediately stop trading under this name, withdraw all my clothes and sign a document drafted by them to say that from then on I will never trade under this name ever again,” she said.

“A true case of David vs Goliath! I felt bullied, insulted and surprised.” (RELATED: Ed Sheeran Appears In Court To Dispute Allegations Of Copying Marvin Gaye Song)

“Instead of giving in, I decided to fight against this injustice,” she said, before declaring that she fought the battle for all women and small business owners.

Singer Katy Perry has not yet issued a public response.