Absolutely Insane: AAU Basketball Coach Throws Punch At Referee

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @martin_lynne]

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is outright wild!

During an AAU basketball game Saturday, a coach was seen throwing a punch towards a referee at a point of stoppage, with a fight nearly breaking out on the court.

Upset with a particular call, the coach was complaining to a referee, and as the referee got close to him, the coach exploded and threw a punch — the referee immediately squared up to fight back.

A parent of one of the players managed to catch the incident on camera, posting the footage on Twitter.

“Today at my son’s AAU game … The opposing team coach swung at the ref. Coach was thrown out,” captioned the parent.

Due to his actions, the coach was removed from the game.

What I wanna know … how did this man even get his job?

The same question can be asked about the referee as well.

Look, questionable calls happen all the time in sports, and basketball has some of the most intense moments. It’s just a part of the game. With one being a head coach and the other a referee, you’d think they would be used to it and just treat it like business as usual. (RELATED: REPORT: James Harden Appears To Smack Man During Heated Argument At Las Vegas Casino)

But nope, not these two clowns. One can’t handle a bad call and feels the need to throw a punch, the other immediately squares up and chirps back rather than just walking away from the situation, which leads to both of them wanting to book their own match to WWE’s upcoming Backlash Premium Live Event.

Except, these guys aren’t wrestlers. They just look like idiots.