Woman Says Neighbors Have Been Pooping In Buckets And Dumping Them In Yard For 3 Years

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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An Arkansas woman says her neighbors have been dumping buckets of their poop outside in the yard for roughly three years, and that she and surrounding homes are affected by the runoff, local news outlet KATV reports.

The Pulaski County resident said she frequently finds feces on her property that has been washed into her yard by the rain, KATV reported Monday.

“They have been taking their feces in buckets and dumping it at the back of their property and then across the street at another person’s property. They have been dumping it on their property, too,” neighborhood resident Erica Craig told the outlet. “They have been doing this now for about three years.”

Craig said she has contacted different departments to deal with the alleged defecation issues. The problem has not been resolved, KATV reported. (RELATED: Someone Took A Dump In The Aisle When Hillary And Chelsea Clinton Watched Broadway Show, Apparently)

“Everybody around them has sold their houses, which are leaving the ones that are still left here to just kind of sit and suffer,” Craig said.

She highlighted the insufferable smell of stool, saying others have had to deal with poop on their property as well, KATV reported.

“Oh, God,” she said. “When the wind blows, it is awful. You cannot even sit outside. You cannot even sit in that backroom back there with the door open because it [the smell] just consumes the house.”

Craig expressed concern for the health of her and her family members. Her parents have reportedly lived in the same Pulaski County home for 32 years, and they did not have any problems with defecation runoff until the past three years, according to KATV.

“I have gotten sick. I had to go to the hospital for organ failure,” Craig continued. “They did not know what caused it and that is after they had started doing that. My dad has been to the hospital a couple of times. He was really sick there for a minute. Nobody is thinking it was because of human waste so that is not something they are looking at.”

Pulaski County referred KATV to the Arkansas Department of Health when the outlet contact them for information, saying they were not authorized to discuss issues related to sewage.

Craig told the outlet she has tried to communicate with the people allegedly responsible for the defecation, but that they do not take the situation seriously, KATV reported.