‘That’s So Stupid’: Bill Maher Tells Libertarian Podcast Guest Kat Timpf To Move To Somalia

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Peter Khawand Contributor
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Comedian and podcast host Bill Maher told his guest, comedian and television personality Kat Timpf, that she should move to Somalia after an exchange about taxes.

The two were bantering about success and property on Maher’s podcast, “Club Random,” and Timpf was talking about how she doesn’t own property, when Maher said, “You must be making good money, you’re on television every night!”

“But then the government takes half my money, which fucking sucks,” Timpf said in response, then claiming, “I don’t believe in taxes, because I think it’s armed robbery.”

“You must believe in some taxes,” Maher said.

“I don’t actually,” Timpf claimed.

“That’s so stupid,” Maher repeatedly said.

“Okay, I get what you’re saying but it’s immoral. To take someone’s money without their consent,” Timpf said.

“It’s not … you know what — I got a place for you there’s no taxes, it’s called Somalia, and I think you should move there,” Maher told Timpf. (Related: Russell Brand, Bill Maher Spar Over Whether Zelenskyy Is A ‘Hero’)

“I would be President of Somalia, we’ll call it Katastan, it’ll be great,” Timpf joked.

“They don’t have a president, because it’s just lawless and there are gangs and militias who fight each other and terrorize the population because they don’t have money from taxes to hire a police force or an army,” Maher said in response. “When I first got into television they labeled me a libertarian, because I was a pot smoker and I was single and I did not fight the label. There are parts of my philosophy still that I would label as libertarian which is people should be able to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt somebody else.”

Maher then went on to explain certain gripes he has with libertarian philosophy.

“I understand what you’re saying … but I’m not talking about policy though … I think it’s immoral to take somebody’s money without their consent,” Timpf said, restating and clarifying her position.