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E.V. OSMENT: Dear Dobbs Leaker — Congrats! You Failed Miserably

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E.V. Osment E.V. Osment is Vice President of Communications at Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg was fond of saying,At the Supreme Court, those who know don’t talk, and those who talk don’t know.” RBG clearly underestimated what you were capable of, dear leaker.

Exactly one year ago, you chose to break your oath and trample your colleagues by stealing and releasing all 98 pages of Justice Alito’s Dobbs draft opinion, sending it to your comrades-in-leak at Politico. An action done in the dark. And a first for the Supreme Court, as no draft decision in modern history has been disclosed publicly while a case was pending.

The legacy you wanted was to coercively create the ruling of your choice. You knew you could count on the media deploying scare tactics and pro-abortion activists to riot and strike fear in the justices and their families. And so off you went. (RELATED: DERSHOWITZ: Leaking The Dobbs Decision Threatened Lives — We Can’t Just Let It Go)

Since you won’t speak directly to us and since we can’t rely on the authorities to find you, I will speak openly to you. And here’s what I have to say: Congratulations! Today we celebrate you, dear leaker, and the failure that you are.

However, even though you failed to achieve your goal, it doesn’t mean that your choice came without consequence. Your actions created cascading effects and lies that carry on to this day. So here is your real legacy: targeted violence.

It is not lost on me that the Ivy League college, that you undoubtedly attended, has a culture of casting out authorities that you don’t agree with. I suppose you thought you could transfer that way of thinking to your new gig at the Supreme Court. Well, you thought wrong.

Last week, Justice Alito admitted that your choice made he and his colleagues “targets of assassination.” The world witnessed this as protests broke out at the justice’s homes. Despite the orthodoxy of your Yales and Harvards, you deemed the justices and their families not worthy of safe spaces, not even in their homes … not even for their children. You knew that this leak would catch everyone off guard and not provide ample time for security, a casualty of ‘right fighting,’ you probably thought. And as a result, your actions flamed the fury of an assassination attempt at Justice Kavanaugh’s house, the assassin claiming he would be “shooting for three” justices that day.

Over 100 faith organizations, churches and pro-life centers were attacked nationwide as a direct result of your leak. We still see firebombing of pregnancy centers — places that provide resources to moms and their babies, who are making another choice outside of abortion. I suspect you are for choice — so why hinder theirs?

We’ve seen the FBI drink from your moralism kool-aid as they raid and arrest pro-lifers but somehow almost always miss the pro-abortion activist. Openly admitted by US Attorney General Garland who famously said he and his team are having a hard time catching abortion activists because they carry out their violence in the dark. I wonder who modeled that behavior for them? Oh, that’s right — you. Operating in the dark is your forte.

Dear leaker, one year later, I know you may be sitting in DC with your “hate has no home here” lawn sign whilst lighting your “RBG prayer candle” wondering what your legacy is. Well, wonder no more. I leave you at the same place I began — RBG. When asked about Roe v. Wade, Justice Ginsburg responded that it “ventured too far in the change it ordered and presented an incomplete justification for its action.” You see, even she knew Roe’s flaws.

But not you — you took matters into your own hands. What you couldn’t achieve with the law, you aimed to achieve outside of it. Today, we celebrate your failure. We celebrate that all your efforts proved not strong enough for the time-tested foundations of the U.S. Supreme Court and the resolve of the justices who serve on it.

E.V. Osment is the Vice President of Communications at Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.

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