Australian Prime Minister Under Fire For His Definition Of A Woman

Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: Piers Morgan Uncensored

Sarah Weaver Social Issues Reporter
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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese defined a woman in a May 3 interview with Piers Morgan, and he has since reaped a firestorm of attention for his answer.

“What is a woman, Prime Minster?” Morgan asked Albanese on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” his new Fox News show.

“An adult female,” Albanese answered. (RELATED: Gov. Wes Moore Signs Legislation Expanding Use Of Medicaid Funds For Sex Changes)

“How difficult was that to answer?” Morgan said.

“Not too hard,” Albanese said, laughing.

“Trans and gender diverse Australians need a Prime Minister who will defend them, not one who sucks up to right-wing provocateurs,” Just.Equal Australia spokesperson Sally Goldner told the Star Observer in response to Albanese’s statement. Just.Equal is an LGBT rights group, according to its official website.

“Imagine as the PM of Australia choosing to be interviewed by a known chud and not being prepared for chuddom’s favourite frothing and asinine tic of a question ‘what is a woman?'” Twitter user Christopher Owen said.

A political reporter for The Guardian slammed Albanese for answering a “hateful” question.

“Here’s the PM last year being asked the same question – what is a woman – and giving the same answer he gave on the bad UK show – it was a dumb question then, it’s even more hateful now and that the leader of our country is legitimising this is,” Amy Remeikis wrote.

The Monthly contributor Rachel Withers responded to a transcript of the clip, writing, “Who is advising this man and why do they hate him so.”

In 2013, Australia implemented a new protection in the country’s Sex and Discrimination Act which prohibited discrimination against trans-identifying people.

Basketball Australia prohibited biological male and trans athlete Lexi Rodgers from playing on the women’s team in April, saying, “The balance of inclusivity, fairness and the competitive nature of sport will always be a complex area to navigate.”