‘They Covered It All Up’: Jesse Watters Unloads On Biden Family Over FBI Documents Alleging Bribery

[Screenshot/The Five via Grabien]

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Fox News’ Jesse Watters unloaded on President Joe Biden during a segment on Thursday’s edition of “The Five” in which the panel discussed alleged internal FBI documents accusing Biden of bribery.

The panel discussed the alleged FBI documents, which claim that an unnamed whistleblower accused Biden of accepting money from a foreign national in exchange for “policy decisions,” CBS reported. The documents allegedly claim that Biden was involved while serving as vice-president under former President Barack Obama.

Watters claimed that if the allegations are true, they have “explosive” implications compared to anything Democrats have accused former President Trump of in the past.

“If the vice president under Barack Obama’s nose is selling American policy to foreign nationals for cash, just the allegation alone is explosive compared to what they got Trump in trouble for was, what, a perfect phone call?” Watters said. (RELATED: Hunter Biden’s Business Dealings Created ‘Counterintelligence And Extortion Concerns,’ Senate Report Says)

Watters also called Biden a “walking crime syndicate” and said that his alleged criminal activity was concealed from the public during the 2020 election. Watters claimed that the Biden family was not held accountable on several of their alleged transgressions, including Hunter Biden’s laptop and Burisma business dealings.

“[T]hey had the Tony Bobulinski submission to the FBI, they had the laptop,” Watters said. “They had Hunter wiretapped talking to Chinese spies about business. They had everything! They had Burisma, they had wires coming from God knows where, treasury, every time something came into the bank accounts got flagged.”

He claimed that the lack of transparency about Biden’s alleged wrongdoing is part of the reason why large swaths of the public thought the 2020 election results were unfair.

“This guy was a walking crime syndicate and they covered it all up before the election. That’s why people, Kayleigh, don’t think the last election was free and fair because the American voter deserved to know these things,” Watters said. “And about seven things involving Joe Biden and his criminal family were hidden from the American people. And they had a right to base their votes on that information and that was taken away from them. And that’s why it wasn’t fair.”