‘This Ain’t The Guy’: Joy Reid Slams DeSantis, Calls Him Unelectable

[Screenshot/The ReidOut via Grabien]

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MSNBC host Joy Reid said that she doesn’t understand why anyone would consider Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis electable on Friday’s edition of “The ReidOut.”

Reid said that DeSantis’ policies, such as a six-week abortion ban and his battle with Disney, are among a number of reasons why he would not make a good candidate for the Republicans in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. (RELATED: ‘How Is That Not A Crime?’: Joy Reid Blames Subway Passengers For Not Helping Jordan Neely)

“I would question whether he was electable in the first place, to be honest with you. Pushing book bans, attacking kids, screaming at them to take their masks off,” Reid said. “Attacking Disney,” she added.

The MSNBC host then brought up a Politico article which claimed that DeSantis struggled to impress British business chiefs in a recent trip abroad. In the article, DeSantis’ performance was described as “horrendous” and “low-wattage.”

“They met him, he stared at the floor throughout most of the speech that he was giving,” Reid said. “The message was he wasn’t presidential. This ain’t the guy. Nobody looked at him and said ‘This is a man going places.'”

Reid claimed that she did not know why anyone would think DeSantis was electable, and never saw the “magic” in him. The MSNBC host then played a video that showed a group of 14 people named “The Dream Defenders” being arrested for protesting DeSantis by engaging in a sit-in.

“This is what people see when now they think about Ron DeSantis. All the headlines are like this now,” Reid said.

A number of DeSantis’ policies have polled well. DeSantis’ “Parental Rights In Education Act” garnered significant support, even among Democratic voters. A poll by Floridians for Economic Advancement showed that 52% of Democratic voters did not approve of instruction on sexuality to children in grades K-3, Fox reported.