Punches Blown, Taser Shot And Gun Drawn During Wild Biker Street Brawl In Austin

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — @tx_streetfights]

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Ready for some ignorant entertainment, ladies and gentlemen?

I’m always dropping fight blogs on you guys, and I have to say, this particular video is definitely on the wilder side of the ones I usually write about.

Austin, Texas … this is where our journey takes us today. What you’re about to see is a group of bikers (who appear to be just minding their business and were there to party) on 6th Street outside of the Mooseknuckle Pub. While I’m sure they got a little partying in, things ended up getting a little …

Actually, it was no little nothing — it was an outright brawl. In fact, things got so intense that one of the bikers even flashed a gun in the middle of the chaos.

Eventually, police showed up to restore order, hitting people with pepper spray and high-powered water hoses. One person got hammered with a taster and scurried off.

I don’t want to start anything with any of these bikers guys, but let’s just keep it real, everybody looked dumb here:

And you know what’s worse? (RELATED: Man Accused Of Trying To Kidnap WWE Superstar Sonya Deville Just Got Slammed With 15 Years In Prison)

There were literally two guys who got knocked out the night before on the exact same street:

And then there was another big brawl that happened in downtown Austin the same night:

Man, America is on a serious decline.