Elementary School Staffer On Administrative Leave After 9-Year Old Finds Weed Stash

ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Alexander Pease Contributor
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A paraprofessional at a Massachusetts elementary school is out of a job after a student reportedly got into his weed stash and took an edible Friday morning.

Hobomock Elementary School in Pembroke, Massachusetts placed an unnamed male paraprofessional on “administrative leave” after he allegedly brought a pouch of marijuana edibles to school in their backpack and a 9-year-old infiltrated the bag and accessed the mind-altering substance, according to CBS News Boston.

The child was rushed to the near-by South Shore Hospital, but reportedly did not consume the the edible and is not expected to suffer negative effects. (RELATED: Teen Allegedly Shoots Girl In The Head After She Refused To Pick Weed Off Floor: Police)

Parents of students at the school were concerned by the incident.

“You expect everybody to come in and do their job, and that’s what you hope they do and when people make mistakes hopefully, you know they learn from it,” said one parent Oscar Lezama. (RELATED: Alleged ‘Weed Lady’ Rep. Nancy Mace Asks Rep. Matt Gaetz If He’s On Drugs)

“It’s really hard because you want to bring your child to a school where you feel safe,” said another parent Karen Brooks.

Even though the recreational consumption of marijuana is legal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Pembroke elementary school has a strict drug-free policy.

Both the local Pembroke Police Department as well as the state Department of Children and Families are now investigating the incident further.