Man Unwittingly Walks Past Prince And Princess Of Wales During Public Appearance

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A man unwittingly walked past Prince William and Princess Kate on Thursday during their visit to a London pub.

William and Kate were visiting the Dog and Duck pub in London to check in on preparations ahead of the coronation ceremony for King Charles III. The couple took a moment to meet and chat with the crowd of fans that were gathered behind metal barriers. (RELATED: King Charles III Officially Crowned In Westminster Abbey)

Before entering the establishment, an unnamed gentleman walked right past them as they were chatting with staff members, somehow getting past security. The man momentarily stopped in his tracks after noticing the large crowd and flickering cameras. After overcoming his shock, he briskly tried to get out of the way, but was immediately approached by a security guard.

After quickly determining the man was not a threat, the security guard let him go. Kate, seemingly observing something  amiss, stepped to the side and watched the man stroll down the street away from them before entering the pub.

The viral video amassed over 30,ooo comments on TikTok.

“Imagine passing next to Kate and William and not knowing,” one user commented.

“Just casually wonders past like a Mr. Bean moment,” another user commented.

“He has absolutely no idea what is happening, bless his heart,” said another.