‘They’re Coddled’: Bill Maher, Dr. Phil Tear Into ‘Woke’ College Students Who Don’t Like Free Speech

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Podcast host and comedian Bill Maher and Dr. Phil McGraw tore into “woke” college students in Monday’s episode of the “Club Random” podcast.

The duo were discussing the “woke agenda that’s being pushed right now” in universities and colleges across America.

Maher said the literature and curriculum being taught to “spoiled” and “entitled” kids leads the students to believe “that their feelings far supersede this concept of free speech.”

“That is a complete de-coupling of one of the basic principles that underpin this country,” Maher said. (RELATED: ‘You F*cking Moron’: Maher Rips Libs For Trying To Redefine Words Like ‘Homeless’)

“There was a time where if I had two candidates sitting in front of me who were exactly the same in every aspect except one had a college degree and one didn’t, even if it was a degree in art history or something and had nothing to do with what they were going to be hired to do, I would hire the one with the college degree because I knew something about them that I didn’t know about the other,” Dr. Phil said. “What I knew was, they could take on a four year project and complete it; they could meet deadlines; they could get along with assholes that they didn’t like, but it was their job to get along with them … I don’t know that about them anymore.”

“I don’t know because they’re coddled. They complain, they whine and they still get pushed through,” Dr. Phil added.

Maher then went on to rip “bullshit” degrees like “sports marketing, gender studies, advanced racist spotting.”