‘But We’ve Been Saying This’: MSNBC Host Pushes Back Against Dem Who Repeats Same Border Talking Points

[Screenshot MSNBC Morning Joe]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough pushed back Monday against Democratic California Rep. Pete Aguilar after he repeated border talking points.

Title 42 is slated to end Thursday, raising concerns of a massive surge of migrants at the border. Ahead of the end of the policy, the Biden Administration is deploying troops to the southern border to help perform administrative tasks.

Scarborough noted the “chaos” at the border.

“Democrats agree with Republicans, that there’s chaos at the border, right? I mean, Democrats, I’m sure, are focused on the humanitarian crisis that’s been at the southern border now for several years. And, by the way, Congressman, I know you know this, as well, it’s only going to get worse. If we continue to allow chaos to to reign at the southern border, we’re only asking other people from impoverished nations south of us to come up and try to get to the United States illegally, only to undergo their own humanitarian crisis as they, you know, risk their lives only to be turned away,” Scarborough said. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: Harris Ripped Trump For Allegedly Politicizing Military For Border)


“We need an orderly process, I agree with you Joe,” Aguilar said. “That’s absolutely something that we need to do. What we, what House Democrats want to also make sure that we focus on are these root causes of migration. People are fleeing difficult and dangerous conditions. They’re fleeing economic issues. They’re fleeing because of climate change, and they aren’t able to farm the land that they used to farm with –”

“Congressman, I totally get this,” Scarborough cut in. “But we’ve been saying this for three, four, five, 10, 15 years. There is a massive crisis at the southern border right now. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. But it’s only getting worse. It is going to continue to get worse over the next two, three, four, five years unless we do something now. So what can we do?”

Aguilar said that more processing centers are “positive steps” and that migrants being able to use an app to schedule a time to meet with asylum officials also helps.

“This is a western hemisphere problem. Migration, the root causes of migration, what we do with it is something that isn’t just a United States issue. We need to have more countries at the table to have this conversation, to make sure, whether it’s eastern Europe or whether it’s our southern border, that people fleeing migration for a variety of reasons have an ability to declare asylum that is legal and lawful, which is currently the case now. But we need to make sure that it’s done in a humane way, and that the countries, the host countries, can process those individuals.”