‘Our Concern Is Public Safety’: NY County Official Threatens To Sue Eric Adams If He Sends Migrants To Suburbs

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A New York suburb official is threatening Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ plan to send migrants out of the city amid a potential surge in new arrivals in the Big Apple.

Orange County supervisor Teresa Kenny told “Fox & Friends” Monday that she and other Rockland County officials were alerted by Adams on Friday about a preliminary program in which migrants being shipped to the city would be sent elsewhere to alleviate the burden on the five buroughs.

“I got a call from the mayor himself around 11 o’clock on Friday, saying that there was this program, and it was very preliminary, and it sounded very – like it might be happening, ‘You may or may not get people,’ but that a location had been identified in Orangetown,” Kenny said.

Adams’ proposal to house more than 300 asylum-seeking single male migrants in hotels in Rockland and Orange Counties comes as Title 42 is set to end Thursday. Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has been sending migrants to New York City and other blue-run cities to call attention to the ongoing border crisis.

“Our concern is public safety,” Kenny continued. “We don’t know if there’s been background checks on these people. Anybody who’s lived in Rockland for a long time knows that we did have a very sad incident where someone was killed by an immigrant … I’m not saying I think all immigrants are criminals, I’m just saying it just takes one, and we’re not getting any answers. Were these people vetted? Do they have criminal backgrounds?” (RELATED: ‘But We’ve Been Saying This’: MSNBC Host Pushes Back Against Dem Who Repeats Same Border Talking Points)

Kenny said Orangetown officials inspected a local hotel Sunday and found stockpiles of medicine, shirts, COVID-19 tests and “hundreds” of beds.

“Our town code says a hotel to be used for transient purposes for up to 30 days. They’re making this a city shelter in one of our hotels,” Kenny said.

“We have served them with a violation. We are prepared to go to court. I’m sorry, Mr. Mayor, you do not get to trump our local codes. This is a hotel, it’s not a city shelter,” she added.

Adams intends to provide roughly 300 men with up to four months of shelter, food and medical care, The New York Times (NYT) reported Sunday.

Rockland County executive Ed Day issued a state of emergency Saturday, announcing that no municipality would be permitted to transport migrants or house them in the county without his permission, according to the NYT.

“Whatever we need to do to stop this, we will do,” Day reportedly told the outlet, adding the county would issues fines of up to $2,000 for each violation to any hotel that takes in asylum seekers from Adams’ program.