White House Continues To Restrict Press Access To Biden Events, Leaves Empty Seats

Daily Caller

Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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The White House attempted to ban several reporters from gaining access to President Joe Biden’s remarks Monday, despite there being over 20 available seats in the room.

The Biden administration restricts which reporters get access to presidential events and briefings by requiring journalists to submit a credential form, especially when events are held in the South Court Auditorium. The Biden White House has never answered how they decide which reporters get access to the auditorium, but staff have repeatedly argued that there is limited space.

The South Court Auditorium provides journalists with some of the closest proximity to Biden and gives an opportunity to shout questions at the end of remarks.

The Daily Caller was initially denied a credential to Biden’s remarks, but was given access after inquiring. The White House simply stated at first, “we are unable to accommodate your credential request.”

A White House staffer checked every reporter’s credential before the event by looking at a copy of the email on their cellphones.

The administration carried out a similar policy in February, with staff hauling reporters who did not present an email out of Biden’s remarks on “unidentified aerial objects.” (RELATED: White House Demands Media ‘Comply,’ Hauls Specific Reporters Out Of Biden’s UFO Brief)

The New York Post’s Steven Nelson, who often asks questions about Hunter Biden, was denied from Monday’s event all together.
In February, the White House had also not provided credentials for the Post or the Caller.

Daily Caller

Another reporter who was not given access to the event told the Caller that the policy was “frustrating.”

“It’s very frustrating. I’m here everyday and when you see a big group of people going and you’re sitting on the sidelines, I don’t know what to make of it. This is the first time in memory that I have not been allowed in,” the reporter said.

The Caller granted anonymity to the reporter to allow them to speak freely on White House policies.

Daily Caller

Reporters have repeatedly called out the administration for holding rare presidential press conferences, the lack of transparency about which reporters are on Biden’s “list” and who gets access to events.

On Friday, the White House unveiled new policies aimed at journalists who refuse to act “professional” and impede “events or briefings,” warning reporters of potential banishment from the White House grounds.

“The White House expects that all hard pass holders will act in a professional manner while on White House grounds by respecting their colleagues, White House employees, and guests; observing stated restrictions on access to areas of the White House or credentialed events; and not impeding events or briefings on campus. Absent security concerns involving the United States Secret Service or other exigent circumstances, the White House will provide a written warning to you if your conduct violates these expectations. Subsequent violations may lead to the suspension or revocation of your hard pass, following notice and an opportunity to respond,” the guidance states.

The White House did not immediately respond to an inquiry from the Caller on their credential policies.