Bees Kill Mother, Young Daughter After Bus Falls 165 Feet Into Nicaraguan Ravine: REPORT

This not a photo of the bees from the story. (ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP via Getty Images)

Brent Foster Contributor
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An eight-year girl and her mother were among those stung to death by bees after a Monday bus crash in Nicaragua, The Mirror reported.

The bus, filled with over 40 individuals, was traveling within the vicinity of San Sebastián de Yalí in northwest Nicaragua when it fell into a deep ravine, according to The Mirror.

All passengers onboard miraculously survived the initial 165 foot plunge but faced a swarm of bees after they hit the ground of the coffee plantation below, the outlet reported, citing local media.

The swarm of killer Africanized bees proceeded to relentlessly sting the crash survivors, according to the New York Post.

Some of the initial survivors, including Eneyda Tórrez Zelaya and her eight-year-old daughter Andrea Carolina, succumbed to their injuries following the bee stings. A total of six people died from the attack, the outlet continued.

Photos shared after the crash reportedly showed the bodies of survivors clad with numerous bright red bee stings, NY Post added. (RELATED: Truck Hauling One Million Bees Crashes On Florida Interstate, Causes Swarming Chaos)

Paramedics transported crash victims away from the scene of the incident although the extent of their injuries has not been officially confirmed, per The Mirror.

A mechanical issue is believed to be responsible for the crash of the bus, causing the driver to lose control amid the mountainous terrain. An investigation into the crash is underway.