‘I’ll Kiss Your T*ts Too’: Passenger Gets Rowdy While Pushing Through Aisle To Exit Plane


Julianna Frieman Contributor
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A passenger pushed through an airplane aisle in an attempt to exit after a rowdy altercation.

Viral video shows the male passenger’s May 4 confrontation with several female passengers on a flight from Charlotte to Fort Lauderdale, according to New York Post.

The turbulent traveler told one woman he would “kiss her tits” following remarks about online infamy in response to those filming the incident.

The video garnered more than 3.7 million within one week.

“I understand that we are all waiting, but that’s not how I work — I make the rules as I go,” the troublesome passenger said. “And guess what, I’m breaking ‘em right now.”

The black male wore a giant smile with his gold Kors jacket as he bumped the woman in front of him into a seat. Footage shows other passengers left shocked, prompting them to announce the presence of his unwanted hostility. Aggrieved, the man began to threaten those who raised their voice against him.

“Don’t be rude to me, because one thing I can do is be rude back to you, is what I can be,” he said. “I didn’t push no-damn-body!” (RELATED: Some Guy Has Epic Freakout At Airport, Which Leads To Him Fighting Police And Getting Tased)

Despite his verbal denial, the passenger’s physical aggression was captured on camera. He tried to justify his actions, claiming that the woman he shoved was standing in the way like a bodyguard.

“Have a great day! I love you,” he said, sarcastically blowing kisses. “And I kiss it more and more and more — and I’ll kiss your tits too, babe.” He told the woman not to tell him to kiss her ass because “it’s not worth it.”

The man emphasized his urban origins, refusing to disengage.

“You think I look pretty, but the ghetto can come out of me, darling,” he said.

He eventually blamed one woman he knocked into for the encounter, offering to buy the group “drink and lunch” when the plane landed. Exaggerated laughter accompanied the flight crew’s announcement over the public address that they are “going to deplane in a very civilized, polite manner.”

The man shouted for those around him to follow his Instagram and shop his brand. When told he wasn’t worth it, he said: “I’m an African American, darling — I’m always worth it.”

He took out his own phone and started filming as many passengers walked off the plane.

The rowdy male passenger remains unidentified.