This Teacher Might Deserve Jail

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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Parents are protesting a Texas elementary school after it was uncovered that the school administration was covering up sexual misconduct that allegedly happened to a six-year-old girl, according to KCBD.

According to this six-year-old girl, a male peer exposed himself to her in the lunch line, pulled her under a desk and forced her to perform a sex act during class. The incident was reportedly recorded by another student on a school iPad.

The school district did not have the decency to tell the family. The family started asking the daughter questions after they noticed that she was in distress and kept saying things like, “my stomach hurts.”

There was a teacher in the room when this allegedly took place. The teacher reportedly didn’t tell the parents. The teacher is on administrative leave pending an investigation happening at the behest of Child Protective Services.

This is on par with what happened in Loudoun County and no one is talking about it. If the teacher saw this incident and did nothing about it, she deserves jail time for what she allowed to happen to that little girl.

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