‘Yellowstone’ Creator Bought A $320 Million Ranch. Here’s What You Should Know

(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Viacom)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A weird article from the New York Post published Thursday targeted “Yellowstone” co-creator Taylor Sheridan and his purchase of the 6666 (“Four Sixes”) Ranch in Texas, clearly showing the author’s total lack of understanding of how much life costs beyond city limits.

The author of the piece literally got Sheridan’s name wrong in the opening line of the piece — calling him Tyler Sheridan — and used the article to try and argue that “Yellowstone” was cancelled over Sheridan’s multi-million dollar budget. The piece really leans into the ignorance of city-dwellers over how expensive it is to run an authentic cowboying show, or even be in the ranching industry in general.

My message for everyone trying to sh*t on Sheridan for “Yellowstone’s” expensive budget: walk into a grocery store and see how expensive the food is. That’s not because the store wants to make it more expensive. It’s because making that food is expensive as Hell for the god-fearing American men and women who run ranches and farms across this country. Idiots.

So, what about this super expensive ranch? Sheridan purchased the property with multiple partners within his investment group. It’s a real ranch, “founded when Comanches still ruled West Texas,” and has already been featured throughout Sheridan’s work on and off-screen.

I really don’t think the ranch has anything to do with “Yellowstone” concluding. I think all of that comes down to the casting. (RELATED: ‘1923’ Season 2 Will End ‘Yellowstone’ Spin-Off As Franchise Faces Major Changes)

Rumors that “Yellowstone” was going to end prematurely have been floating around since summer 2022. But the center of the stress within those rumors has almost always focused on the show’s star, Kevin Costner. Costner makes upwards of $1.2 million per episode of “Yellowstone,” but has apparently been reluctant to film the second half of season five.

Things were so stressful between Sheridan and Costner that Paramount didn’t even tell Costner that the show was concluding after the series finishes up in November 2023. The leadership at Paramount just told Deadline, and apparently Costner found out with everyone else, which tells me a lot about how those relationships are going.