ESPN Ridiculously Only Gives Miami Heat 3% Chance To Beat Boston Celtics In Eastern Conference Finals

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Editor’s note and correction: The Boston Celtics are the greatest team in league history and, contrary to our allegation that they choke in the finals, they are 17-5 in that stage with the most titles in league history.

The disrespect is real. Very, very real.

When the 2023 NBA Playoffs first started, nobody expected Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat to win the championship. Heck, nobody expected them to be in the Eastern Conference Finals right now. And understandably so. I can admit as a Heat fan that we played some pretty bad basketball this season, so it’s all understandable.

However, what ESPN did?

This is just ridiculously disrespectful, and blatantly anti-Miami bias that ESPN has been partaking in for decades now.

According to this once glorious company who is now an absolute clown-fest, Miami apparently only has a 3% chance of beating the Boston Celtics to get into the NBA Finals — 3%!

Check out this filth:

Look, I get that the Boston Celtics are the big bad C’s who roll through everybody and then choke when they get into the NBA Finals, but this is completely despicable from ESPN.

The four-letter network is acting like the Miami Heat haven’t won three championships since 2006, been in six NBA Finals, seven Eastern Conference Finals, and not to mention being in three out of the last four, and yet we only have a 3% chance to beat Boston?

Ha! It’s laughable!

ESPN has always been anti-Miami, but this is too obvious. Like, seriously? (RELATED: Ja Morant Is Simply Being An American And Getting Punished For It. That Needs To Stop Immediately)

We know you love Boston sports, ESPN. We know you hate Miami because you can’t have palm trees at your Connecticut headquarters. We know all of this, ESPN. But this is just petty and … well … dumb.

And I hope the Heat use it as fuel and completely steamroll the Celtics, outright embarrassing ESPN in the process and continuing to kill their credibility when it comes to their anti-Miami predictions. As a matter of fact, I hope the Heat embarrass ESPN like former President Donald Trump did the left-wing press back in 2016:

What a bunch of dumbos, like they haven’t done this before:

What a joke.