‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Show Renewed For Second Season

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Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“Farmer Wants A Wife,” the adorably American, addictive answer to the catastrophe called “The Bachelor,” has been renewed for a second season by Fox, Deadline revealed Monday.

The show follows four young (and stunningly handsome) farmers from across America as they search for the perfect wife to help build a beautiful life. Most of the girls on the show are either city girls with no experience in farming, or women who want to return to their roots in the wild.

Sure, it sounds like a cheesy premise, but it’s far from the “Simple Life” meets “The Bachelor” vibe you’re probably picturing. It’s an oddly wholesome look at life in real America, and how dedicated you have to be to find success in love and building a homestead.

The first season of the show hasn’t even concluded yet, but Fox announced the renewal ahead of the New York upfronts, Deadline reported. With an average viewership of 2 – 2.5million in overnight ratings, it’s no surprise the show has been re-upped. It’s also one of the most adorable shows, and appears to have avoided most of the stereotypical tropes of the traditional dating show.

It couldn’t be further from the trash that “The Bachelor” has become since losing Chris Harrison. (RELATED: ‘From’ Is The Greatest Show That No One Is Talking About. Here’s Why You Have To See It)

I highly recommend that every mother and daughter duo in the country sit down and catch up on the first season of this show. You’ll find more hope, inspiration, and faith in God than you’d ever imagine.