BEHRENS: Joe Biden’s Real Green Grab (The ‘Big Guy’ Kind)

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Larry Behrens Contributor
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The Biden Administration is trying to get into every room of your house. They will tell you it’s all for the environment but really, it’s all about the green.

It seems every new week brings a new headline of another household item Joe Biden wants to regulate out of existence. Here are just a few examples:

Dishwashers – Biden’s Department of Energy proposed a new rule regulating how much water dishwashers can use. If you want to comply with it, that new Biden-Dishwasher could cost about $500 on average. 

Gas Stove – Earlier this year, the same Department of Energy again put out new rules that are a de facto ban on gas stoves. The cost to you can range anywhere from $300-$2500, so let’s just call it a flaming-hot $1,000 you’ll need to pay to comply. Of course, they denied they were coming after your gas stove, but they also denied that laptop belonged to Hunter.

Gas-powered vehicles – Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency is proposing even more rules that would force electric vehicles to be sold over their internal-combustion counterparts. The average cost of an EV is $66,000 so you will have to dig deep for this one. With that price tag, most Americans don’t want an EV as only 19 percent say they’re in the market an EV as their next car, but that just means 81 percent of us hate the Earth. Joe Biden won’t tolerate it.

Air Conditioner and Gas Furnace – Yep, new rules from Joe Biden if you want to stay cool or keep the house warm. That new furnace will be about $4,400 and that new AC will cost a cool $5,800 on average.

Total: Therefore, if you love the planet and want to change the weather it will cost you around $78,000 just to get started. And that assumes you’re one a one-car household which most of America is not. That’s a lot of green to give to Joe Biden.

Of course, you won’t make the check directly payable to Biden, although I’ve heard that’s what he prefers because “the big guy” always gets 10 percent. What will more likely happen is that your hard-earned money will get filtered through the politcal process to get to Joe Biden’s coffers. 

During his 2020 campaign, Joe Biden was the top recipient of campaign cash from environmental, alternative energy groups along with wealthy eco-individuals. They delivered millions upon millions for Biden and he’s paying them back. From approving projects for donors to promoting doner’s companies, Joe Biden is maneuvering a lot of green. Today, Joe Biden now has $369 billion in our money to hand out to his green friends and he’s put a political operative in charge of doling it out. Sadly, we’re getting a pretty good idea of how he might do it.

The Biden Administration is now coming after coal and natural gas power plants by again proposing rules demanding they either make expensive improvements or shut down in 17 years. Joe Biden knows we’ll want power to replace what he destroys and his political donors, with the help of billions from us, will just conveniently be ready with the solar and wind products Biden deems acceptable.

Joe Biden’s party controlled Congress for the first two years of his administration, yet he didn’t put any of these insane proposals in a bill. Instead, he’s ruling through executive decree in an avalanche of bureaucracy that reaches into every room of your home. Biden knows if Congress got their hands on these proposals, they might reveal the real price tag to American families.

And we all just may find out if Joe Biden’s green grab is nothing more than a green grift.

Larry Behrens is the Communications Director for Power The Future and has appeared on Fox News, Newsmax and One America News. You can find him on Twitter at @larrybehrens or email at larry@powerthefuture.com

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