John Fetterman Struggles With Asking Basic Questions To Disgraced Silicon Valley Bank Executive

[Screenshot/Senate hearing]

Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman struggled with asking basic questions to a Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) executive at a Senate Banking Committee hearing Tuesday.

SVB executive Greg Becker appeared before the Senate committee to answer for the bank’s March collapse. Fetterman appeared to struggle to ask Becker about being “stricter” with banking regulations.

“Now they have—now—guaranteed way to be saved, by no matter, but how?” the senator said. “Isn’t it appropriate that this kind of control should be more stricter to prevent this kind of thing, or should we just go on bailing and sailing whoever bank regardless of however their—their conduct is.”

After about eight seconds of silence, he pointed to an example of what he was asking. He said Republicans want give worker requirements for poorer families, and asked Becker if bankers should have a work requirement.

He yielded back after a few more seconds of silence. (RELATED: Scarborough Says Fetterman Is ‘Obviously Impaired’ Following His Debate Performance) 

Fetterman suffered a stroke in May 2022 that impaired his speech. Chief of Staff Adam Jentleson said immediately returning to the campaign trail after recovering from stroke instead of resting may have caused him permanent damage.

He stumbled during his Senate debate against his former Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz. He told the audience “good night” at the beginning of the debate and struggled to answer straightforward questions.

The senator recently returned to the Senate after checking himself into the hospital in February in Bethesda, Maryland, to receive treatment for clinical depression.