Elon Rips Apart George Soros, His Work And Impact On America


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Twitter CEO Elon Musk held nothing back Wednesday in a Tweet about foreign billionaire George Soros and his dire impact on American lives, culture and future.

Musk responded to venture capitalist David Sacks, who tweeted that “George Soros has been so uniquely destructive to law & order in American cities that there’s a name for the carnage he’s wrought: ‘Soros DAs’ [District Attorneys].” Sacks went on to argue Soros’ “strategy” worked because most people (particularly the corporate news media) weren’t “paying attention to hyper-local DA elections.”

Sack’s comments were “perfectly said,” Musk responded.

“Soros astutely identified a massive arbitrage opportunity in district attorney elections, where a relatively small amount of money has outsized influence. Soros’s instructions to his pet prosecutors were (essentially) to minimize prosecuting even violent criminals,” he continued.

To contextualize his feelings, Musk brought up the example of a known criminal who was able to assault comedian Dave Chappelle on stage with the same deadly weapon he had reportedly used to stab his roommate. The criminal in question literally attempted to kill Chappelle, but was let off with four misdemeanors by one of Soros’ minions, Los Angeles DA George Gascon. (RELATED: Santa Monica Now One Of The ‘Least Safe’ Cities In California, Survey Says)

Gascon’s policies have been so utterly devastating for LA that he now has to bus his own employees through the downtown area because public officials apparently kept getting attacked. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are fleeing cities where Soros-backed DAs have consistently destroyed the safe social status quo, and there is clearly no plan in place to reverse the impacts. It’s disgusting, and our politicians need to pony up and fix this crap soon before the entire country collapses into unmitigated chaos.