Joy Reid Says ‘Right To Bear Arms’ Is Code For ‘Right To Kill Whoever I Want With My AR-15’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC’s Joy Reid claimed Wednesday that the “right to bear arms,” as enshrined in the Second Amendment, is actually code for the “right to kill whoever I want with my AR-15 or my bare hands.”

Reid was discussing the Tuesday election results in which Democrats maintained their majority in the Pennsylvania House, a Democrat won the Jacksonville, Florida, mayoral race and Philadelphia is poised to elect a progressive mayor.

“[Republicans] are losing all over the country because their brand is toxic. Even deadly,” Reid claimed. “People undergoing dangerous miscarriages do not want to be turned away at emergency rooms to bleed out in the parking lot. Young people don’t want to worry about dying in their classrooms. Parents don’t want their elementary school kids learning how to pack bleeding wounds during a mass shooting. And then they wonder why they can’t win?” (RELATED: ‘How Is That Not A Crime?’: Joy Reid Blames Subway Passengers For Not Helping Jordan Neely)

“No matter how they dress up these issues, calling them ‘pro-life,’ which at this point is just laughable gaslighting, or the right to bear arms, which is code for the right to kill whoever I want with my AR-15 or my bare hands. Voters are proving that this is not what most Americans want.”

Reid went on to slam “the avatar of white grievance politics,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who she claims “caters to minority fringe positions and fake problems.”