Mega-Brawl Erupts At Virginia High School Soccer Game, Multiple People Severely Injured; Alleged Racial Slurs Thrown

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Holy crap, this is insane!

Absolute chaos broke out during a high school soccer game Monday night in Appalachia, Virginia, and things got so crazy that it looked like a scene out of Europe — you know how those people get down over that sport. The incident saw one person arrested and multiple people severely injured, according to Kingsport Times News.

Twenty-four-year-old Donald Guerrant of Wise, Virginia, was the one arrested, being charged with assault and battery, according to the Wise County Sheriff’s Department.

It’s been alleged that racial slurs were thrown which resulted in the fight, however, those claims have not been confirmed, according to sheriff’s deputy Duane Phillips. In fact, spectators told police that the score of the game “may have contributed” to the brawl sparking up.

Five people were taken to the hospital, according to WJHL.

Man, I swear people have lost their minds.

But for some reason at youth sporting events (and this includes high school games), people have the tendency to ratchet it up. Look, I get it, we all love our kids and it brings out passions and extremities, but man … is it really worth getting arrested because your kid is getting thrashed at soccer? Is it really worth it to get airlifted to a hospital because your kid isn’t the superstar you thought he (or she) was going to be? (RELATED: AEW Announces New Saturday Night Live TV Show ‘Collision,’ Premieres June 17 On TNT)

Calm down, children. (And no, I’m not talking about the actual kids)