‘Idiots And Jacka**es’: Charles Barkley Blasts J.J. Redick, Others For Defending Ja Morant

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Ahh … you gotta love Charles Barkley, man.

During Wednesday’s ‘First Take’ (that I had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing live), former NBA star and current ESPN pundit J.J. Redick (who I was a huge fan of growing up, so this is irritating for me) ended up going on a tirade while speaking about Ja Morant, randomly attacking Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republican lawmakers for allowing the 2nd Amendment to be embraced in their state. You know, a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

It was absolutely despicable, and makes sense why my internet messed up right after watching this and kicked me off the stream. Even the TV couldn’t handle this filth:

Well, later on the night prior to Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics, the legendary Charles Barkley couldn’t help but to (and I don’t blame him) outright blast Redick and other defenders of Ja Morant as the Memphis Grizzlies superstar is currently in a second gun scandal.

“Well, first of all, I gotta say something, man, we got some idiots, some fools, some jacka**es on television. They really just piss me off,” said Barkley. “Talking about, ‘Ja should make a stand saying he didn’t break any laws, he didn’t do anything wrong. We are in a state where you can carry a gun.’ Those guys are just … they’re just … freaking idiots.”

Listen to Sir Charles cook:

Now I defended Ja Morant the other day for exercising his 2nd Amendment, but that’s where the buck stops for me. I actually agree with J.J. Redick when he says that Morant did nothing wrong. But man … do you really need to go into tirades randomly bringing up people that have nothing to do with this incident? And because of gun violence?

From where I’m sitting, Ja Morant didn’t do anything violent, nor did he ever get remotely close to doing anything violent, so why on earth are we bringing up the arguments of gun violence, gun control and attacking GOP lawmakers? (RELATED: Ja Morant Speaks Out For First Time After Being Rocked With Second Gun Scandal)

J.J. should have just stopped at the first part, because after that … Charles is right, he sounds dumb.